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There’s no denying that tattoo culture hasn’t just grown in the past few years, it’s exploded into the mainstream. And with more interest in the art of ink, we are seeing boatloads of new images and styles, as well as hundreds of new Instagram accounts and websites dedicated to the tattoo world. At InkVivo, we’ve come across some killer tattoo websites, fascinating ink enthusiasts/ artists, and noteworthy tattoo-themed blogs that we want to highlight for those of you who are looking to delve deeper.  Since tattooing covers such a wide and diverse range of genres and cultures, the tone and content of these sites definitely vary, but they all cover unique and interesting aspects of the tattoo world.  From history, to anthropology, to edgy stylistic expression, and even resources for budding new artists, we’ve got a suggestion for every interest.  We hope you enjoy checking out these awesome sites as much as we did!

top tattoo blogs

Scholarly Tattoo Blogs


tattoo anthropology blog

If you find yourself curious about what the world of tattooing looks like outside of the Western mainstream aesthetic, then you need to check out this site. This website is dedicated to the research of Dr. Lars Krutak, an anthropologist who immersed himself into the study of the effects and significances of tattoos around the world.

On this site you can find Dr. Krutak’s generous collection of fascinating articles, such as “Tattooed Tiger Men of India,” which describes the bold, fierce culture behind the unique tattoos of the Naga warriors of northeast India. He also features links to his blog, lectures, impressive bibliography, and a section where you can purchase his visually stunning texts on tattooing in various indigenous cultures.


top tattoo blogs

@tattoohistorian on Instagram is an excellent resource for those of you who are interested in the history of tattooing cultures throughout the world. This blog is designed to showcase Dr. Anna Felicity Friedman’s current research, and the tabs for Tattoo History Occasionally and Tattoo History Daily provide snippets, in-depth articles, and high-res photos of multicultural ink.  And if you’re a student interested in pursuing tattoo research yourself, you can book Dr. Friedman for her consulting services (or even a lecture!) through the tabs on her blog as well.


tattoo exhibition

This is the main website for the fascinating TATTOO exhibition, which is an interactive exhibition that allows visitors to “engage, exchange, and contribute to living tattoo culture.” Curated by Dr. Anna Felicity Friedman (of Tattoo Historian, listed above), this exhibition also features work from Lars Krutak (also listed above), Matt Loder (an art historian based in London), Marisa Kakoulas (tattooed author and creator of the blog Needles and Sins, listed below), and Aaron Deter-Wolf (prehistoric archaeologist with an interest in ancient tattooing and body modification). If you’re interested in checking out this exhibit for yourself, you can find travel dates and locations under the “Visit” tab.

Tattoo Fashion and Style Blogs


tattoologist top blog

@tattoologistofficial on Instagram

Tattoologist is a blog run by Natalie Hanks, a London resident with a love for delicate body art. This blog is listed as one of the top 50 blogs on Bloglovin and currently has nearly 80,000 followers. Focused strongly on beautiful, high-res visuals, Tattoologist is a great site for those who are looking for inspiration for trendy, feminine, and pretty designs. You can also submit your own ink to be featured on their blog [here].


tattoo fashion model @danielbamdad featured on Tattoodo

Hugely popular on Facebook and other social media sites, Tattoodo has made a name for themselves as a great resource for articles on tattoo styles, trends, culture, and news. Featuring a plethora of talented writers, Tattoodo provides features on artists from around the world, and stays up-to-date with the latest evolving trends (like blackwork, micro-tattoos, watercolor tattooing, etc.). They also provide useful guides on everything from tattoo aftercare to figuring out how to make the most of flash events and conventions.


needles and sins blog

black work featured on Needles & Sins by @roxx_____ on Instagram

Created by Marisa Kakoulas, Needles and Sins is a fantastic blog dedicated to ink, music, graffiti, and other aspects of alternative cultures. Marisa writes features on individual artists, tattoo conventions from around the world, and keeps her audience updated on the latest news and styles in the ink world. An extremely talented writer, her work is regularly featured in popular publications liked Inked magazine, and she currently has four books published in a series revolving around different styles of tattoo art (the first of which may be seen [here]).

Marisa is also a successful New York lawyer, and has given seminars on the intersection between US law and tattooing at law schools, conventions, and more, in addition to speaking on feminist perspectives in the tattoo community.


tattoo artist magazine blog

This blog features articles and artwork from the extremely popular Tattoo Artist Magazine. Tattoo Artist focuses largely on posts for design ideas (like these nerdy and totally badass Starcraft tattoos!), and also does spotlight pieces on both up-and-coming and established artists from around the world. You can find prints of their legendary cover art or unique pieces from individual artists for sale (among other goodies and collectibles) under their “Shop TAM” tab.


swallows and daggers blog

This blog is run by Cian Mac an tSaoir, an artist who provides a straightforward and often amusing take on life in the studio and the ever-changing trends in the industry of ink. The Ireland-based author started Swallows & Daggers as a way to explore classic American tattooing and has since expanded to offer advice and insight into the tattooing culture.  Swallows and Daggers also launched a tattoo culture inspired brand of clothing and accessories. 


contrariwise tattoo blog

Bookworms and ink aficionados unite! Run by Toronto resident Jen Grantham, this blog is dedicated to tattoos based on all things literary and bookish. You can submit your own literary tattoos to be featured, and Jen has the added awesomeness of a list of free Kindle classic ebooks in case you need something to give you a little vision. Contrariwise provides hundreds of beautiful visuals for tattoos inspired by everything from books, to essays, to music, movies, and more.


trash polka tattoo

Trash Polka style tattoo by Oriana Tattoo

This website for Oriana Tattoo Shop (based in Miami Beach) functions both as the studio’s main page, and a diverse, helpful blog. Many of the articles posted are related to showcasing specific designs or styles, though they also have posts with advice on how to find the best shops and artists in the Miami area. Oriana Tattoo has a reputation for being one of the best, friendliest shops in the Miami area, and is frequented by both tourists and locals alike.


This is the main website for the popular Bound by Ink magazine. They feature well-written and visually impressive articles on all sorts of tattoos and ink culture, and have a page that lists tattoo conventions all around the world (along with their writers’ experiences). You can download a free trial of the online magazine through iTunes or subscribe through this website if you’re interested in checking out the entirety of what Bound by Ink has to offer.


tattoo models

Tattoo Models featured on World Tattoo Gallery

World Tattoo Gallery is exactly what it sounds like: a brilliant and massive compilation of hundreds of tattoos, in every conceivable style and location. You can also find them on Instagram (@worldtattoogallery). This website is an excellent resource whether you’re browsing for new ideas for your own ink, or just looking to appreciate some seriously impressive body art.

13. TH'INK 

charlotte verduci

Featured artist Charlotte Verduci on Th'Ink

The official blog for Things&Ink magazine, this is a UK-based publication which offers beautiful tattoo visuals accompanied by testimonials and interviews from people in all areas of ink culture.  A great read for tattoo newbies and veterans alike, the Th’Ink blog also features thoughtful content revolving around other areas of pop and alternative culture, like film reviews, creative clothing brands, and more.

Tattooing Advice Blogs


should I get a tattoo

Tattoos can be many things, but there is one thing that (real) ink is definitely not: temporary. If you’re struggling with whether or not you should get a certain design done, or you’re thinking about getting a tattoo for the first time, this website has some great advice for you. is full of unbiased resources, including articles on tattoo problems, the level of pain involved in a tattoo, video tattoo testimonials, and more.

We love this site because of the sheer abundance of information on every tattoo-related subject, and because of their neutral stand point. If you’re looking for someone to tell you the straight facts about getting inked, then you need look no further.


amazing tattoo ideas

Featured ink on Amazing Tattoo Ideas

Feeling the itch but not quite sure what you want your next design to be? Then you need to check out These guys have compiled articles on just about every design and style imaginable, with sections for both masculine and feminine ink. They also feature articles on celebrity tattoos and have a blog that gives advice on everything from design placement, to popular studios, tattoo healthcare (avoiding infections, etc.) and more.


Phoenix - Author of The Tattoo Trade blog

Websites and blogs from tattoo professionals are always a fascinating and informative wealth of information, but sometimes what we’re really looking for is a fellow consumer’s viewpoint. That’s exactly what Phoenix provides in his blog, The Tattoo Trade. A self-proclaimed tattoo collector, Phoenix has dedicated his blog to exploring the tattoo universe through the lens of the consumer, and providing his own experience to help answer questions that many of us share. In addition to offering some very helpful insight on the ins and outs of getting tattooed, Phoenix also posts interviews with talented artists that he meets in his travels.


tattoo by mobi

Tattoo by TrueArtists Certified artist Mobi

TrueArtists is an organization that does more than post articles on tattoo art; they actually have an award for the best artists worldwide, and certify the artists and their shops when they win. They have a reputation for accepting nothing but sheer excellence in their winners, and provide a list of all previously certified artists/studios, along with art samples. Their home page offers a search option where you can look up individual artists or studios to help you research who you would like to take on your next design.

TrueArtist is somewhat geared more towards artists than the average tattoo website, as they also feature a search engine for job postings at studios throughout the U.S. and information about conventions worldwide.


featured artist @philmanntattoo_hlt on Big Tattoo Planet

Big Tattoo Planet is currently a beta for a website that revolves around literally all things ink. They boast a massive stockpile of design photos in every style you could ask for, with options to sort through them via subject matter or location as well. But this site is about more than just the visuals: they have links for discussion forums for both consumers and artists; sources for artists’ supplies; search engines for tattoo artists, piercers, jobs, and laser removal; a section for interviews; and listings for conventions. This site is designed to cater to basically every need you could have in the world of tattooing, whether you’re an ink collector or an artist looking for resources.

Tattoo Miscellany


Need a laugh? Then do yourself a favor and check out the often hilarious (and sometimes appalling) stories on This blog is great for artists looking to share the day-to-day insanity that can happen when working in a studio. Though a fair warning to readers: this blog is definitely intended for sharing inside personal experiences in the studio, and is not always customer-service friendly. 


tattoo by amanda wachob

Tattoo by @amandawachob - featured on Tattoosday

Tattoosday is a blog based around the varied and often highly original ink to be found in and around New York City by tattoo enthusiast Bill Cohen. You can also follow his Instagram page @tattoosday. The blog is currently featuring a unique project titled “Tattooed Poets”, which includes a photo of a tattoo and original poetry that either inspired the piece, or was created as a result of it. If you’re interested in checking out quality, diverse designs and tattoo testimonials, then you should spend some time on this blog!


white ink tattoo

featured artist @versusink on Tattrx

Last but certainly not least, is an online community of some of the tattoo world's brightest and best talent.  Described as 'Avant Garde', this site's collection of work highlights some really amazing contemporary new styles emerging from every corner of the globe.  


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