Top 25 Female Tattoo Artists You Should Know

Top 25 Female Tattoo Artists

You Should Know

For a long time the art of tattooing was a man’s game, but in the past decade women have been tearing it up in the inked world! Now women like Kat Von D and Megan Massacre are basically household names, but there are some other seriously talented ladies out there that deserve the spotlight. Here’s a top list of 25 of our favorite, and insanely incredible female tattoo artists that you definitely need to know about!

Top 25 Female Tattoo Artist
Sara Fabel
Sara Fabel tattoo artist


Finland native Sara Fabel is a badass model and tattoo artist, who has spent much of her adult life traveling the world. Fabel’s art style is best described as blackwork, with strong lines and minimal shading (though she has certainly done her share of grayscale tattoos as well). Her designs walk a fine line between the beautiful and the macabre, with designs like this horned skeleton or this gorgeously ghoulish zombie girl. She slays in the social media game and can be found on Facebook, Instagram, and WordPress.

Sarah Miller
sarah miller tattoo artist

Once a competitor in the hugely popular tv show Ink Master, Sarah Miller has been a part of the graphic design world for over ten years, and began tattooing in 2009. Now she can be found at Wyld Chyld Tattoo in Pittsburg, PA. You’d be hard-pressed to find an artist more talented with portraiture, and she specializes in pin-ups as well… though she certainly doesn’t shy away from more hardcore subjects, like this crazy Ash-themed piece from the Evil Dead franchise. She takes a lot of inspiration from the Neo-Classical, Romantic, and Art Nouveau periods in France, and loves adding a unique dynamic touch to each piece that she does.

Follow her on Instagram @sarahmillertattoo​

cally jo tattoo artist

Cally-Jo got her degree in Fine Arts, where she experimented with the energetic and bold designs of graffiti and mixed media, and she then spent a further three years at the Winchester School of Art where she became an expert in pencil drawings. Now, much of her art reflects this style, and more often than not features human skulls as the subjects. Cally-Jo’s tattoo style would be described primarily as grayscale, which involves black-and-white tattoos with a lot of shading. When she isn’t tattooing skulls, Cally-Jo is often working on killer hyper-realistic animal portraits, like this stern great-horned owl. She currently is based out of Grit N Glory in Manhattan, NYC.

Follow her on Instagram @callyjoart​

Jade Quail
Jade Quail Tattoo artist

Jade has some serious talent when it comes to linework and dotwork. Her often geometrically-inspired work is primarily done in black and gray, and boasts a high level of technical skill. Jade's pieces range from beautiful nature to horror-themed portraiture and everything in between. She can be found at Inland InkSpot Tattoo Co. in Lake Elsinore, CA.

Follow her on Instagram @jadequailart​

Yanina Viland
yanina viland tattoo artist

Yanina Viland is a Ukranian tattoo artist who is currently based in Saint Petersburg (but will be relocating soon to Brazil). Yanina has a sketchy, modern style that heavily emphasizes the use of bold lines and watercolor-esque splashes of color. She has received criticism for her avant-garde designs in her homeland, which still focuses on heavily traditional tattoo styles, but has since gained fame worldwide for her beautiful artwork. Rather than planning out individual designs, Yanina has stated that most of her work is improvised, the result of conversations and inspirations with her clients, friends, and family. Her artwork can be found all over her impressive Instagram feed, as well as Facebook, and Tumblr.

Follow her on Instagram @yaninaviland​

Rose Hardy
Rose Hardy Tattoo artist

Whether you’re new to the tattoo game or experienced in the world of ink, chances are you’ve heard of Rose Hardy. Originally from New Zealand, she is making a mark on the tattoo world with her vibrant, colorful style that mixes traditional tattoo designs with the aesthetic and crispness of traditional Japanese tattoos. Many of her designs feature 1920’s-esque female portraits with stylized eyes and lashes, along with other inspirations from that era such as detailed lace pieces and Art-Deco motifs. Rose can currently be found at King’s Avenue Tattoo in New York City.

Follow her on Instagram @rosehardy​

Kat Abdy
Kat Abdy Tattoo Artist

Kat Abdy can currently be found at Cloak and Dagger Tattoos in London, England. The Australia native has developed a strongly Neo-Traditional style that focuses on dark and contrasting colors (Neo-Traditional features classic tattoo designs with a bolder, more diverse color palette). She pulls on motifs and images from the Greek Renaissance for her influence, and her tattoos are often larger scale with a stunning amount of detail.

Follow her on Instagram @katabdy​

Whitney Seanor
Whitney Seanor Tattoo artist

Based in Pittsburg, PA, Whitney Seanor has a serious talent for portraiture. Her subjects are often Hollywood and film icons, such as Robin Williams or Harold and Maude, though she is also very skilled at inking realistic animal and nature themes as well. Her work is most often done in black and white grayscale with occasional splashes of color. Last year, Seanor was rated as one of the top 10 best Pittsburg artists by You definitely want to make sure to stop by her shop if you find yourself out in the Pennsylvania area!

Follow her on Instagram @tattooingbywhitney​

Rachel Baldwin
Rachel Baldwin Tattoo artist

Rachel Baldwin is an artist at Bold as Brass Tattoo in Liverpool. She has described her own style as “girly traditional,” and she works heavily in cute, colorful animal-based designs. But don’t let her girly side fool you; she has a level of skill to take her toe-to-toe with even the most hardcore artists. She has a strong influence from the artwork of Disney, as well as classical horror movies like the Shining (for her less adorable ink, of course). Pop culture references are plentiful in Rachel’s fun, lighthearted work, making her an ideal artist for the modern ink connoisseur.

Follow her on Instagram @rachelbaldwintattoo​

Petra Hlaváčková
Petra Hlavackova

Petra is an artist originating from the Czech Republic, who is now currently based in Berlin. Her hard-won skills give her a sketchy, heavily lined style that is mostly black and white with occasional bursts of bright colors. Much of her work features the increasingly popular geometric style of abstract tattooing, with the occasional portrait or nature piece thrown in. Petra has also made a name for herself in the world of watercolor tattooing, a style that has rocketed into popularity during the last 5-10 years. Her signature sketchy style, combined with her ability to translate the transparency of watercolor onto skin, has made her one of the world’s most sought-after watercolor tattoo artists.

Follow her on Instagram @petratattoo​

Whitney Havok
whitney havok tattoo artist

Whitney Havok is an extremely versatile artist, rocking out designs that range from the hyper-realistic (such as this killer portrait of Patrick Bateman in American Psycho) to the heavily stylized (like this beautiful female portrait). Her artwork is generally Neo-Traditional and focuses strongly on portraiture, though she can certainly knock out those nature themes, and she even has a few cool abstract pieces to her name. Whitney can currently be found at Paradox Tattoo in Bonney Lake, Washington.

Follow her on Instagram @whitneyhavok​

Alex Strangler
Alex strangler tattoo artist

Alex Strangler is another artist who has taken the “girly” aesthetic and has managed to make it freaking awesome. A Kawaii native with a wickedly funny sense of humor, Alex is currently located in Studio City, CA. Her work is heavily influence by pop culture (i.e. Disney, the Simpsons, South Park, etc) and features mostly purple, aqua, and pink tones. Her art style is largely Neo-Traditional, with classic tattoo designs paired with bold color, and her cheerful designs set her apart in an industry that is normally dominated by intense imagery.

Follow her on Instagram @alexstrangler​

Megan Hoogland
top female tattoo artist

Megan Hoogland is both an artist and the owner at Mecca Tattoo in downtown Mankato, and has been tattooing for over 20 years. She is a true master of black and gray tattooing, and specializes in portraiture and reproduction work. Much of her work is so realistic that you get the sensation of looking at an actual photo, rather than a tattoo on someone’s skin.

Follow her on Instagram @meganhoogland​

Ryan Ashley
top tattoo artist Ryan Ashley

Ryan Ashley is a co-owner and artist of the Strange and Unusual Oddities Parlor in PA, which she runs with her husband. Delighting in all things strange and creepy, Ryan has a beautiful, heavily detailed realistic tattooing style. She is one of the rare artists who have the ability to freehand a tattoo (using a marker) onto the body without sketching it out first. By doing this, she is able to tailor the tattoo to the natural flow and curves of her subject, and manages to incorporate a staggering amount of detail without weighing the artwork down.

Follow her on Instagram @ryanashleymalarkey​

Lindsay Baker
top female tattoo artist

Lindsay Baker is an artist at Nite Owl Tattoo in downtown Northhampton, MA. Lindsay’s tattoos are largely New School in style with bold, saturated colors, a somewhat cartoony design, and crisp lines. Many of her desires feature animals that often have a humorous or tongue-in-cheek element. With a degree in Illustration, Lindsay’s impressive skill is balanced by a humble attitude and contagious enthusiasm to continue improving her craft.

Follow her on Instagram @lindsaybugbaker​

Pepper Spice
top female tattoo artist

Pepper Spice is an artist based at Unify Tattoo Company in Augustine, FL. Determined to succeed in the inking world, she completed her apprenticeship as a teenager and was a full-time tattoo artist by the time she graduated high school. Pepper specializes in photorealistic tattoos, often incorporated into kickass abstract designs (like this homage to Edgar Allan Poe). An avid traveler, Pepper is likely to be seen competing in tattoo conventions around the world!

Follow her on Instagram @pepperspicy​

Megan Jean Morris
top female tattoo artist

Painted Soul Tattoos is home to the talented Megan Jean Morris, who claims she’s been drawing on people since she was old enough to hold a marker in her hands. She got a Bachelor’s in Industrial Design, but when the corporate world didn’t turn out to be a good fit she turned to a tattooing apprenticeship instead. Though she had studied many tattoo art styles, she feels most comfortable with Realism and Surrealism. She balances soft lines with different textures, and works with both black and gray art as well as brightly saturated color.

Follow her on Instagram @meganjeanmorris​

Elizabeth Markov

top female tattoo artist

Currently at Bang Bang Tattoos in New York City, Elizabeth Markov has a strong, feminine tattoo style. She got her start in Florida, where she spent a lot of time tattooing the sailors and pilots who came through the Naval Air base there. She works primarily in black and white (though she does color pieces as well), and has a finely detailed style that shines in her geometric/abstract and dotwork pieces. However, she is most widely known for her ability to create stunning micro-tattoos, like this tiger’s head.

Follow her on Instagram @lazerliz​

Moni Marino

top female tattoo artist

Moni Marino is an Italian tattoo artist who works out of her personal studio in Vienna. She got her start tattooing in Germany, and became so popular there that she consistently has German clients making the trip over into Austria for appointments. She has a photorealistic, colorful style, though she has also been influenced by the black-and-gray Chicano style as well. Her favorite subjects are Venetian masks and portraits of beautiful women. Her gorgeous tattoos are intensely expressive and capture a wide array of emotions.

Follow her on Instagram @moni_marino_artist​

Little Linda

top female tattoo artist

Linda is a successful tattoo model and artist who has been inking since the age of 16. Heavily influenced by typography and illustration, Linda’s style features a lot of floral and natural themes that are paired with detailed linework. She spends much of her time traveling around the world and competing in tattoo conventions in different countries, and has a very enthusiastic fanbase who have created their own pages dedicated to her work.

Follow her on Instagram @littlebabylinda​

Liz Cook

top female tattoo artist

Liz Cook has a vibrantly realistic style that focuses mostly on animal and female portraits. Her BFA in Studio Art and Drawing gave her a solid foundation to build her formidable inking skills. In 2015 she was named one of Dallas’ top 10 best tattoo artists by the Dallas Observer. She’s made a name for herself by pushing tattoo designs to their fullest artistic potential, and now enjoys an extremely successful business with her husband in Lewisville, TX.

Follow her on Instagram @lizcooktattoo​

Meghan Patrick

top female tattoo artist

Meghan has been tattooing since 2002, and creates colorful pieces with a high level of technical skill and enthusiasm. Her subjects range from pop culture, to abstract, and nature themes. Her style is self-described as “pretty,” with lots of fine lines and bright colors; she generally strays away from the skulls, horror portraits, and other “tough” tattoos that are common elsewhere. She’s won over 20 awards at various conventions around the U.S. and is currently found at Twelve Ounce Studios in Deptford, NJ.

Follow her on Instagram @meghanpatrick​

Kim Saigh

top female tattoo artist

Memoir Tattoo in Los Angeles, CA is home to the talented Kim Saigh, who has become known for her work featured on the popular tv show LA Ink. Her best work depicts heavy amounts of detail, and her intricate and ornate style has earned her a reputation as one of the best U.S.-based female tattoo artists. She now owns her own shop, Cherry Bomb Tattoos.

Follow her on Instagram @memoirtattoo​

Em Scott

top female tattoo artist

Em Scott is a California-based tattoo artist who is best known for her beautiful lettering and script work. Her work reflects her southern Cali roots in her heavy use of black and grey tones and fine lines, and she often takes on more detailed and realistic art pieces. Her steady hand enables her to put an incredible amount of detail and fine lines in her pieces, like those seen in this gorgeous rose-and-lace sleeve.

Follow her on Instagram @emscottla​

Jessica Downer

top female tattoo artist

Jessica Downer rocks at realistic tattoos, whether they’re done in black-and-gray or in her heavily saturated and brightly contrasting colors. The California artist has a serious talent for realistic horror-themed ink, like this chilling portraiture of Pennywise the Clown from "It". Like artist Jade Quail, Jessica is located in Lake Elsinore, CA at InkSanity.

Follow her on Instagram @jessicadowner​tattoo

Kim Saigh @memoirtattoo


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