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Tattoo Meanings and Culture, and Tattoo Aftercare - Ink Vivo is your tattoo resource for all things tattoo related. Discover the history of tattoos, cultural significance of various symbolism in tattoos, and meaning behind popular tattoo choices. Learn all about the top rated tattoo aftercare product and tips for healing your new ink.  Read interesting articles on the top tattoo artists and current tattoo style trends.


We find so many aspects of tattoos fascinating; the art, it's meanings, and how tattoos play such a significant role in our history and cultures, we wanted to explore it further and bring it all together here for the many tattoo fans out there. Explore more of the tattoo world through Ink Vivo. 

Check out this short animated feature on Why Tattoos Are Permanent: 

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For a long time the art of tattooing was a man’s game, but in the past decade women have been tearing it up in the inked world! Now women like Kat Von D and Megan Massacre are basically household names, but there are some other seriously talented ladies out there that deserve the spotlight. Here’s a top list of 25 of our favorite, and insanely incredible female tattoo artists that you definitely need to know about!

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For the wild at heart, discover different tattoos that mean FREE SPIRIT.. from the whimsical feather to the howling wolf

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Read about amazing tattoos that mean STRENGTH, whether it's inner strength you strive for or honoring the strength that drives you...

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LOVE TATTOO BLOGS AS MUCH AS WE DO? Here are some of our favorites...

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There’s no denying that tattoo culture hasn’t just grown in the past few years, it’s exploded into the mainstream. And with more interest in the art of ink, we are seeing boatloads of new images and styles, as well as hundreds of new Instagram accounts and websites dedicated to the tattoo world.  At InkVivo, we’ve come across some killer tattoo websites, fascinating ink enthusiasts/ artists, and noteworthy tattoo-themed blogs that we want to highlight for those of you who are looking to delve deeper....  READ MORE