Bee Tattoo Meaning – Honeycombs, Hives, Hornets and more

So what’s the buzz on bee tattoos? (Sorry, couldn’t resist!). Bee tattoos have always been popular, and for good reason. Bees have been an important part of many cultures throughout the world. They are vital to maintaining a healthy ecosystem, and are the main reason why we’re able to farm and grow crops. We’ve loved their honey so much that several cultures, like the Egyptians, considered it a food for the gods and frequently presented it in offerings and sacrifices. Spiritually, bees are often associated with love because of their connection with Cupid in mythology.

honey bee tattoo meanings

Bees are one of the most impressive natural examples of hardworking communities united in pursuit of a single goal, and have become a powerful symbol for cooperation and working towards the common good. They are dedicated to the safety of their hive to the point of being self-sacrificing. Altogether, bees make a very positive choice for a tattoo; here’s a quick list of some specific meanings to help get you started on planning your own bee design!

Bumblebee Tattoo Meaning

bumblebee tattoo

bumblebee tattoo by @stabi5

Bumblebees are sort of the Hulks of the bee world. They are the heavyweights, and are instantly recognizable by their big fluffy bodies and characteristically low, buzzing drone. Though they may be cute and fuzzy, bumblebee tattoos are often indicative of strength and dedication to a common cause.

Bumblebee and Flower Tattoo Meaning

bumble bee flower tattoo

bumble bee and flower in a lightbulb tattoo by the incredible artist @mongotattoo

This is a cute tattoo design that is often meant to showcase a love of springtime and nature. A bumblebee paired with a flower can also represent renewal and growth (in line with the theme of Spring).

Honey Bee Tattoo Meaning

honey bee tattoo

honey bee tattoo by @eodtattoocolfax

Because the honeybee is incredibly important to maintaining our global ecosystem, it has become steadily more popular to get honeybee tattoos in the past several years to represent the value of environmental preservation. A honeybee tattoo represents springtime, cooperation, and a structured life centered around hard work.

Because honeybees will defend their home to the death against any threat, a honeybee tattoo can also be symbolic of courage and intense loyalty.

Queen Bee Tattoo Meaning

queen bee tattoo meaning

queen bee tattoo by @timstaffordtattoos

Queen Bee tattoos are an adorable, sassy choice for confident, in-charge divas. Queen Bees are totally in control of their hive, with the ability to control hundreds- if not thousands- of their drones. A Queen Bee tattoo is perfect for women who aren’t afraid to take charge, and who find strength in their femininity. Generally, this design is done as a bee with a crown, and can have either a cartoony or realistic quality.

Honeypot Tattoo Meaning

honey pot tattoo

honey pot tattoo by @bootattoo89

In many cultures, honey is considered the food of the gods because of its sweet taste and many beneficial properties. A honeypot tattoo usually indicates sweetness, either in your own character or a loved one’s, if the tattoo is meant to represent someone else. Because of the ties to the pet name “honey”, honeypots also have connotations of tender affection and love.

Honeycomb Tattoo Meaning

honeycomb bee tattoo

honeycomb bee tattoo by @i_am_mora

Just like their creators, the honeybees, honeycombs are associated with hard work and structured cooperation. Their hexagonal shape fits perfectly together to create hives that can be massive. Because honeycombs are where bees raise their young, a honeycomb tattoo can also be linked to family and children.

Beehive Tattoo Meaning

bee hive tattoo meaning

beehive tattoo by @goodtimes_tattoo

A beehive can represent family or close-knit community, especially one that is in-tune with each other and are dedicated workers.

Hornet Tattoo Meaning

hornet tattoo

hornet tattoo by @jance_armstrong

A hornet tattoo is a great choice for someone looking for a design that represents a warrior’s spirit. No one wants to mess with a hornet… there are even references in the Bible to God sending hordes of hornets out to clear away enemies of His people (Exodus 23:28). They are hardy, adaptable insects, and absolutely vicious when their home or resources are threatened.

Killer Bee Tattoo Meaning

Similar to a hornet tattoo, a killer bee design represents aggression and a fighting spirit. Killer bees are both incredibly protective of their hive and endlessly persistent; they can continue attacking a threat long after the attacker has died from the toxins in their stings. Though they are no more venomous than the standard European honeybee, killer bees will generally be agitated for much longer and attack in much greater numbers.

A person with a killer bee tattoo will often take great pride in their home and their family, and will be ready to do whatever it takes to protect them.

honey bee tattoo meaing

honey bee tattoo by @versusink

Of all the insect-based tattoos, bees are definitely one of the strongest choices… at least as far as the symbolism goes. These incredible little buzzers are pretty much the foundation for the health and sustainability of the entire world. In case you missed anything, here’s a list of all the things that bees can represent:

  • Hard work
  • Cooperation
  • Dedication and loyalty, especially to a family or community
  • Self-sacrifice, bravery
  • Confidence (Queen Bee)
  • Leadership/ being in-charge (Queen Bee)
  • Aggression/ fighting spirit (hornet, killer bee)
  • Family, children
  • Springtime, nature
  • Love, affection (especially honeypots)
  • Strength (especially bumblebees)


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