Dandelion Tattoo Meanings

Nothing captures the whimsical memory of childhood summers quite like dandelions. Even as adults, there’s still something magical in finding the perfect, fluffy white dandelion and sending your wish off into the air as you blow away the tiny seeds. For such a small flower, dandelions have had a surprisingly big presence in Western culture, […]

Koi Fish Tattoo Meanings

Koi fish are absolutely gorgeous, and one of the best-known icons of Japanese and Chinese culture. Originally, koi were just common carp fish, but were selectively bred to produce the beautiful colors and patterns that we see today. The elegance of their shape and their brightly glittering, colorful scales make them one of the most […]

Sun and Moon Tattoo Meanings

There aren’t many symbols that are more pervasive and deeply entrenched in humanity’s collective culture than those of the Sun and Moon.  These celestial bodies have captured our fascination since humans first walked on two legs; they have been objects of worship, sources of magic, the inspiration for countless works of poetry and music… the […]

Whale Tattoo Meaning

Whale Tattoo Meanings and SymbolismThe Whale: awe-inspiring, majestic, and other-worldly, the whale has fascinated mankind from the beginning.  These mammoth sea creatures are in fact mammals, with characteristics that are incredibly interesting and inspiring.  Yet their sheer size and presence could make the idea of encountering a whale overwhelmingly profound. Whether it is a symbol […]

Dragonfly Tattoo Meaning

Dragonfly Tattoo MeaningThe dragonfly is one of the more versatile insects in nature, being at home both in the air and in the water at different stages of life. Being rich in meaning and considered important symbols in many cultures throughout the world, the significance of dragonflies makes them a popular choice for tattoos. So […]